What a weekend!  – Car Show, Presidential Candidate, Hershey Park and Beach

Every year we go to Harrisburg for a car show called Super Cars on State Street.  It is an exotic car show.  My son loves exotic cars, in fact he’s kind of a fanatic. We arrived in Harrisburg and were walking down to State Street.  We were going to take a short cut down the alley when we were stopped by a man in a suit.  “You can’t go down there” I asked why.  “Do you see that bus?”  Umm, yeah.  I just walked away.

I had no idea I was talking to the Secret Service because the bus in question belonged to Hillary Clinton.  I decided to stick aroundthe area to catch a glimpse of the 1st female Presidential Nominee.  (By no means will this get political, I just wanted to witness history).  I snapped a few pictures and joined my son at the car show.  Lamborghini, Ferrari, GTR, Jaguar, Porsche. There were million dollar cars at this show.  My son was in on world.  I listened intently as he told me about each car as if he were an expert.  He knew the make, model, engine and much more. 

It started to rain and we thought our plans for Hershey Park were ruined.  As we arrived, everyone was leaving.  Score!!  No lines, right?  That’s right.  We approached our first roller coaster, Comet.  As we were waiting for the ride to start, it started to rain…HARD!  The ride started and the rain pelted us feeling like rocks.  We were immediately soaked.  My son said, “It felt like I got lasik surgery it stung my eyes so badly” The rain stopped and he and his friend had a blast.  No lines, they were getting on the rides over and over again.  (thank goodness for that friend, I can only handle 2 or 3 roller coasters in one visit).

I woke up Sunday morning and the sun was shining.  “Let’s go to the beach” We piled in the car and headed south to Rehoboth Beach.  It was gorgeous.  The breeze off the ocean, the sun was shining and the Boardwalk was busy.  Since we were going to dinner afterwards, we opted not to get in the ocean. Not even a toe.  We got dinner and headed home.  It was a great weekend spent with my boys.  I am fortunate to be their mother. 

Did you have any surprises this weekend? What did you do?