A Frustrating Run…GRR!

I struggled with my run on Sunday. I was supposed to run with a partner and  overslept. GRRR! So I decided to get my boys to get out and go with me.

They would fish and I would run. They were excited! We decided to drive to the canal. Our was beautiful and there was a nice trail there. I got out and started to run but I just didn’t feel safe. I did not want to run alone while my boys were fishing in rushing tidal water. GRRR #2


We decided to go to a park with a trail and pond. Win-win right?. I got it if the car and went to look for my headphones, I left them home. I decided I was going to run a mile and then watch the boys fish. It was the toughest mile ever! It felt like my get were cinder blocks. I pushed through the mile (barely) and watched the boys fish.


I was still frustrated and wanted to do more so I decided to do tricep dips, pushups and planks. I felt better. But the boys were frustrated because they didn’t catch anything.



I made it up to them by taking them to another pond in the area and they caught a few there. It ended up being a great day for all of us.

What do you do when you are frustrated?

8 thoughts on “A Frustrating Run…GRR!

  1. I’m sorry your run was frustrating, but glad you were able to salvage the day! What running shorts are those? I want to get some actual compression-type shorts but nothing TOO short, which is the problem I’ve run into so far. Yours look like a great length, though!


  2. When I get frustrated, I push through it for a mile or two. When I am done, I tell myself at least I did something. At least you salvaged the day for you and your boys! I don’t blame you for not feeling safe and changing courses. I probably would have done the same thing in that situation. Good call!


    • That’s exactly how I feel Mary. I didn’t want tip get to the point where I’d be so frustrated I wouldn’t want to run for a while. I like to go with my gut as far as safety is concerned. Better safe than sorry. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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