Feeling Like a Runner Again

This weekend I had back–to-back runs and I feel great.  The first run was my training run for the Nike Women’s Half in April.  I am running with Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I’m trying to raise $2100 so I can run that race. Still seeking donations if you are interested in helping me get into the race to find a cure.


The run was for all of the survivors who were running the Disney half marathon. Running in the rain was the least I could do.  They have gone through more than a little rain and fog. I was nervous about the run. I am not sure of my pace any more and I didn’t want to slow anyone down.  It was raining and foggy.  The ground was still icy in some areas and we all played it safe.  I did not want to injure myself or slip and fall into traffic. I wanted to test myself a little, but I played it safe due to the weather.



My Sunday run was much better! I ran a sub 30 5k and it felt great!  I knew I could do it!  I was even jumping puddles while running.  I felt good, in fact I feel like a runner again!  I am on my way back to Flash status.  I love running and am grateful that I am able to run again.  What have you done lately that has made you grateful? 



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