Post Injury 5k – Solo

I am still recovering from my accidents and have been cleared to run.  I was told to take it slowly and I have been. I ran my first post accident 5k Saturday.  It was chilly out there and I did not want to go out but I knew I would regret it if I did not go.  I talked myself into going and my son came along to go to the scooter park.

The run was slow and steady.  I opted to wear a vest instead of a jacket. My jacket kept riding up causing my shirt to ride up leaving my back exposed. That is not good during the winter.  My vest worked perfectly.  Halfway through the run as I was catching my stride, I was hot.  I kept running. I was at a good pace, running 9:00 miles.  I started too quickly and made myself run at this pace. I did not want to overdo it my first time out running this distance.

I just wanted to run “naked” so I left my Polar RC3 home and used my Nike Running app and it crashed. The kind people at Nike offered to restore my run info, I just have to tweet my information to them. Lesson learned, always run with my Polar!

It felt good.  I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride.  I’m slowly getting back into running and by summer I will be back in full force. I will run the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and am planning to run my 2nd half marathon. I know I have it in me because I have done it before.  This time I will be stronger, leaner and faster. Are you recovering from any injury or setback?  Just be patient, listen to the medical professionals and your body.  Good luck  with your recovery! I’m rootin’ for ya! 🙂


Review of my fancy running shoes coming soon.

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